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Rancho Santa Margarita is where you have been since you can remember and there is a possibility that you have a job opportunity somewhere new, or maybe the chance to move to a new place due to cravings for diversity and change. Wherever you wish to call home in the Orange County area, know that you could use all the help you can get, especially from a local moving company. If you have never had the experience to relocate before, the struggles are a lot worse, so be sure to get our team as your Rancho Santa Margarita Movers to assist you with the moving process.

In the field of moving locally, We are Moving has a lot of experience! Our movers have had professional training to be able to deal with any tasks that you request along the way. To ease your situation, have a look at some moving tips online! Making sure that all your belongings arrive safely to your new home is our main priority, which is why we have designed a set of moving options for you to choose from down below whether you have a residential or commercial move coming up!

Features for moving locally in the Orange County area

Have you found your ideal new place to call home? Then, be sure to fill out the free quote that we have to provide for you! The only task you will have is to fill out the quote with all your moving details and the personal information it requires. Our team as your Rancho Santa Margarita Movers will then plan out the relocation for you, and set up a date for the packing and transporting that works for both you and our team. On the date that your local move in the Orange County area is set to be, we will have our movers pack up your belongings.

We are Moving will be using moving supplies for safety measures. We will keep a close eye on all your belongings, especially the fragile ones. The supplies that we use are made up of wrapping paper, moving boxes, bubble wrap, tape, scissors, and more! They reassure us that your goods are kept in place throughout their transportation! After the loading and transporting of your belongings, our team as your Rancho Santa Margarita Movers will unpack your goods for you as soon as they get to your new home!

Moving alone, or with children can be easily dealt with the full moving service our team has to provide for you! This feature is a great way to take your time with the journey to your new home, as well as a good way to focus on what’s most important to you, like your job for example!

Let’s get started! Be sure to contact We are Moving when you have located your new home in Orange County, and when you feel that you are ready to proceed with the move! Our team as your Rancho Santa Margarita Movers can answer all your questions and concerns! We can’t wait to help you out, so be sure to reach out to us as soon as you are prepared!


Things to do

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O'Neill Regional Park is a major regional park and greenway in northeast Orange County

Whiting Ranch Wilderness Park
Sprawling park with canyons & rock formations plus 17 miles of hiking, biking & equestrian trails.

Altisima Park
11.3-acre park with a shaded playground, picnic shelter, an outdoor pool & basketball/tennis courts.

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