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Thinking about moving locally in the Orange County anytime soon? The members of our team can assist you with everything you need when getting your household goods to their new home. We at We are Movers have had professional training so that your goods are safely packed and transported to their new home in Orange County. Down below you can see some of the services that we include for residential and commercial moves, stay tuned for more!

Residential Moves

Your job will be to pick out the services that you wish for our company to do for you when it comes down to the packing, storing, assembling and transporting your items at the very start of your move. We are Moving’s team wishes to assist you with all of the features of your move. You will receive all the moving supplies and bubble wrapping services you require along the way. We will make sure that your items get to their new home as safely as possible which is why they will be double wrapped during the move. The truck that will have the job of transporting your goods will be sized according to how many goods it needs to transport.

Commercial Moves

Moving in the Orange County commercially can be a lot to handle since there are so many segments to plan and go over. Everybody on our crew will help you out with choosing the services that you would like for us to do for you and also they will assist you with organizing all the paperwork that you may have during your move. Feel free to reach out to We are Moving can help you out during the whole process of your move and we are just a phone call away. While moving, the members of our crew will be making lists to make sure that you are organized and that all your goods are in one place.


Feel free to search through the reviews that we get online from clients that have worked with us before so that you can see what it is like. We are Moving has had plenty of positive feedback for you to feel assured when working with us. To start of planning out your move or if there are any questions and concerns that have to do with your move overall, be sure to give us a call! We can’t wait to help you out with this process!

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